Gluten-Free Coffees

Posted by Anthony Valerio on 8th Sep 2014

Gluten-Free Coffees

Are you or someone you know gluten-free? For some, a gluten-free diet is absolutely essential and we know celiac disease is a daily battle with unpleasant symptoms and pain. I recently received a phone call asking if our flavored coffee was gluten-free.

I’m happy to say yes, our coffee is gluten-free! There is no gluten in our roasted black coffee, our flavorings, or anywhere in our production area.

However, many people who follow a gluten-free diet may still have gastrointestinal symptoms from coffee as it can be hard on the digestive system. Caffeine can irritate your system. In fact, some people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome report that plain caffeinated coffee triggers IBS symptoms, and there have been a few written reports of IBS sufferers who experienced symptoms with decaf coffee (which contain a small amount of caffeine).

Another consideration is additions to your coffee like creamer or sweetener. Check the label of those items or drink it black.