New Sample Roaster Arrives At Café Excellence

Posted by Anthony Valerio on 23rd Apr 2014

New Sample Roaster Arrives At Café Excellence

We’re excited to announce we have a new sample roaster! With the capacity to roast up to a pound of coffee, the Tech-tisian, has the ability to artisan roast coffee with the technology to do it consistently.

Before I make a commitment to buy a particular coffee from an origin I always request a sample. When I request a sample from origin, it can arrive in ½-pound to 1-pound of green coffee beans. I would roast them in our small, sample roaster to a standard light roast. This was all done by eye and it took a lot of effort to hit the same color from one sample to the next. The new sample roaster comes equipped to run the same roast profile computer software as our full capacity roaster. This allows me to set the recipe and hit the mark every time.

Consistency is so important when roasting coffee. There are so many variables when brewing a cup of coffee – brewing type, time, temperature, quality of water, grind and roast. Being able to deliver a consistent roast time and time again is an absolute must for any roaster.

On that same note, being able to sampling unique coffees prior to buying is also a must. This photo shows a sample of a Tanzanian Peaberry I received. I will be cupping it and making a decision on this coffee soon. Stay tuned!