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Branded Program

Be part of a quality micro roasting company serving fine specialty coffees that builds brand loyalty and helps you build customer relationships.

An eye-catching and user-friendly branded program:

Airpot Color-Code System

Behind the Counter Service

When our retailers serve from behind the counter, our color-coded system helps staff get through high-volume periods, work more efficiently and avoid the mistake of brewing regular coffee in an airpot that was previously used for a flavor.

Self-Serve Setup

For a self-serve setup, our airpots help the consumer quickly make a decision.

Cafe Excellence Branded Airpots

Cups of Excellence

Our branded cups are black and gold – making them visible and memorable. 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz sizes available. Each cup size is marked for easy identification. Blank areas are included on the back of each cup to identify decaf, milk, shots and syrup options.


MajaTei Tea Rack

Tea drinkers are the fastest growing segment in retail beverage locations. Why not sell an impressive tea with a great presentation? Our tea racks are branded with MajaTei Tea's signature bright green color and made of wood. Each rack holds 4 jars with lids and have attached tongs for removing silk pyramid tea bags or loose tea.


Rewards Drink Card Program

Say thank you to your customers with our Rewards Drink Card program. This rewards program offer a "Buy 12 Drinks, Get the 13th Drink Free!" We also include a Café Excellence stamp with our logo and give you the option of a yellow or black inkpad.



Our MXB-TVT Brewer has the unique ability of performing multiple tasks never before incorporated in a hot water beverage system by controlling three vital aspects in the brewing process: water temperature, water volume and water contact time. This brewer Brews 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon volumes of coffee or 3 gallons of brewed tea. Machine can be configured 110v or 220v.


Menu Boards & Signage


Contact us for more information on Café Excellence’s Branded Program.