Coffee Shops & Tea Rooms

"A great coffee shop begins with excellent coffee. I love hearing customers say 'you have the best coffee!' After all, that is what we are, and what we do. From the support, to the products…Café Excellence has helped make us a growing success. I can't say enough about how wonderful the experience has been."

– E. Wall, Ambler, PA

10 reasons to choose Café Excellence:

We source only the finest Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee from around the world.

The coffees we pick are all grown 3,000 ft. above sea level. These high altitudes produce the best flavors in coffee. Only the ripe fruit is picked to ensure there are only the wonderful, desirable flavors emerging during roasting. We cup samples prior to shipping to be sure we get what we want – great coffee beans.


We micro roast in small batches to bring out unique flavors.

A commercial roaster cannot imitate this process. We use a computer profile system to control the roast based on three temperatures of development, guaranteeing that we repeat that wonderful taste roast after roast.


We dry roast and air cool.

This brings out the roasted coffees' best natural flavor and delays any staling. Some roasters quench, which is the process of using water at the end of the roast to stop the cooking process. Water contains coffee’s two worst enemies – moisture and oxygen, which start the staling process.


We carry our own line of teas – MajaTei Teas.

A full line of specialty teas from around the globe, packaged loose in biodegradable rice paper bags or biodegradable silk pyramids tea bags. Sell from behind the counter or use our wooden display and jars for self service.


We distribute Monin.

We are a distributor of Monin, the finest manufacturer of syrups, sauces and smoothies. Promotional PDFs and drink recipes are available to download from our website. We also offer training for local retailers.


We distribute Cappuccine.

We are a distributor of Cappuccine – the original frappe mix. These irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising promise from quality. We offer training for local retailers.


We carry Gold Cup Single Cup Brewers.

This brewer includes real-time feedback of the brewing processes, so your flavor stays consistent without your baritas having to manage brewing time. Pre-set, one-touch recipes are based on coffee type, grind and weight.


We are a group of coffee loving people.

Our staff has retail coffee shop experience, is sensitive to your needs and can assist you with more than just coffee. When you choose Café Excellence for your retail location or coffee shop we support you with training, sourcing the right equipment, a custom staff-training manual, menu selection, drink special ideas and a whole lot more.


Brand protection.

If you choose to promote the Café Excellence brand exclusively in your location with our branded airpots, cups, menu boards and signage we will not allow any other retail location in your immediate area to promote the brand.


Our packaging.

Our beans are packed in 2-pound one-way valves bags protecting the coffee from air until you open it. We use 2-pound bags to help reduce spillage and spoilage. Other roasters use 5-pound bags that contain too much coffee to fit into a hopper or display, forcing you to roll up the bag. More often than not this will allow air to get to your beans and cause spillage when your staff reaches for the bag.

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