Full City Decaffeinated Coffee

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Roasted to a city roast, this naturally processed Indonesian coffee carries a heavy, syrupy body along with very little acidity. It has a creamy or winey smooth taste with a deep aroma with nutty undertones. Available in 2lbs.


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    I think you'll like this decaf.

    Posted by Thomas Hendry on 7th May 2015

    I probably drink about 1500 cups of coffee each year. Sometime near reaching the age of 60, the acid became a problem. I starting blending beans from Sumatra, Java, or Timor with African and Central American coffees to reduce acidity. Then my wife's doctor said she needed to reduce her caffeine intake. That's when I started mixing 50/50 blends...what my local roaster called "Cyclops". Finding a good decaf coffee is a lot harder than you might think. In my opinion Indonesian coffees survive the decaf process better than any other beans. Sumatran beans became my standard for the decaf half of the mix. I'm not sure of the origin of the Full City roast...but it is rich, full bodied, and low acid. It is very good by itself, but even blended with a bean that adds complexity. I've mixed it with beans from around the world. My favorite complements are African.

    Anyone who is looking to reduce acid and/or caffeine should try the Full City beans. I have been using them since they appeared in the Café Excellence catalog. The roast level and flavors have been consistent from batch to batch.