Our Story

It all started with Joe Valerio filling an urn on a steel cart and selling coffee in factories and businesses in Bridgeport and Norristown, Pennsylvania.

He was quickly ready to expand, and began loaning brewers and delivering fresh coffee to fellow entrepreneurs to brew on their own. The Valerio family was the first coffee service provider in the Delaware Valley to brew coffee into thermal servers – keeping the coffee fresh after brewed.

Joe’s son, Anthony Valerio, studied coffee from seed to cup and quickly developed a passion for quality coffee and the roasting process. He networked and shared ideas with people from around the country, visiting various coffee roasting facilities. In 1992, he ventured the Valerio family into their first retail coffee house called Café Excellence.

The coffee house was located in Glenside, Pennsylvania next to the Keswick Theater. As a young entrepreneur he blended different origins to make a unique coffee taste and worked on his Barista skills creating specialty drinks that he could call his own.

Today, Café Excellence buys coffee from over 25 different countries. All of our coffees are Specialty Grade Coffee meaning they are Arabica beans grown at high altitudes 3,000 feet above sea level with only the ripe cherries picked.

At Café Excellence, we are dedicated to providing the richest, most aromatic and flavorful Specialty Grade Coffees for your enjoyment. Our 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and purchased direct from plantations around the world. We consistently slow roast the beans to bring out the finest nuances of flavor.

All Café Excellence coffees are air-cooled and hand packed immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness. Our naturally decaffeinated coffees are guaranteed to be at least 97% caffeine free and all our coffees are certified Blue Ribbon Kosher.

Our roasting production area is over 8,000 sq ft and our warehouse space is an additional 8,000 square feet. Our factory store and cupping room are both over 350 sq ft for a total of over 16,700 sq ft!