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Cafe Excellence

Café Excellence – Micro Roasters of Fine Specialty Coffees

Our coffee is special because we don't settle for average beans. Every bean on the coffee tree has a home, but all are not coming to ours. We take only the ripe coffees with a unique taste or characteristic. We are a small family-owned company, but deliver big taste. We're confident you're customers willl finish every cup.

MajaTei Teas – Café Excellence Brand of Fine Specialty Teas

Our teas are unique because we are unique. We choose the right teas, from the right growers. We don't accept just any tea and we follow that same philosophy with all of the ingredients found in our tea blends. We know we have one sip to become your tea of choice and we work hard to make sure that sip gets you to say WOW.


Cappuccine – Gourmet Blended Beverages

Cappuccine is the frappe that started it all. Founded and created by an executive chef Cappuccine is the original frappe mix. These irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising promise from quality. We have many flavors to choose from. For information on pricing and varieties, please contact us.


Monin – Gourmet Flavorings

Monin gourmet flavoring products are the premium flavor choice worldwide. Made with the finest ingredients and authentic flavors, each product is made with a total commitment to a quality providing flavor solution. Not all syrups are the same. Your drink will taste the best it can taste with Monin as the syrup or sauce of choice and when using a higher quality you will use less making your drink as economically attractive as it taste. For information on pricing and varieties of syrups and sauces, please contact us.

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