"We did an extensive survey when we wanted to upgrade our coffee. We were pleased to find that a local roaster, Café Excellence had the finest cup we found."

– F. Cacciutti, Seven Stars Inn

4 reasons to choose Café Excellence for your restaurant:

Your food is amazing, why not your coffee?

Your chefs and staff work hard to prepare the best food possible, why serve it with a coffee that isn't just as high quality? Our coffee specialists can help you choose the blend of coffee that fits your business best and complements any menu.


Quality until it reaches the customer's mouth.

We spend a lot of time fine tuning our coffees to make them taste as best as possible. It's no exception for your customer either. We will walk you through the process of getting the best brew from our coffees for your business.


We are local.

This means less time waiting and more time serving your customers. While the bigger guys deliver in a few days, we can be at your establishment with your order the very next day. Not to mention, we love to support and partner with local businesses!


Our guarantee.

We guarantee you will love Café Excellence coffee so much, that we will give you a free bag to try against your current blend. We are willing to do that because we believe in our coffee and stand behind it's quality and taste.

Contact us to find out how easy it is to improve customer satisfaction and your profit profile!