RFA Venice Nights Coffee

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A post roasted blend of dark roasted RFA Sumatra Mandheling and lightly roasted RFA High Ground Honduran. Full body with an unusual sweet, fruity taste and lavender flower notes. Available in 2lbs.

Notes: Café Excellence is a roaster/retailer located in Audubon, Pennsylvania owned by the Valerio family, whose history in coffee stretches back to 1958.

Blind assessment: Dark chocolate and lavender-like flowers dominate, complicated by unusual sweet spicy/herbal notes: agave syrup perhaps, or nutmeg. Crisp, delicate acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The complex aromatics simplify in an otherwise pleasantly balanced finish.

Who should drink it: Delicate, but genuinely exotic profile. Blends of dramatically darker and lighter roasted coffees are hard to pull off; this one succeeds.