We are a group of coffee lovin’, tea drinking folks who want to share our expertise with you.

Anthony Valerio

Chief Bean Officer and Founder

Passionate since day one, Anthony expanded his father’s original business of selling coffee from a cart to local businesses into the Café Excellence we know today. His lifetime of experience, continuous search for knowledge and appreciation of a good cup of coffee brings us specialty grade coffee from 22 countries around the world.

One word to best describe you: Creative

Where you grew up: Plymouth Meeting, PA

What was in your last cup: Toddy Cold Brew French Roast

Irene Satterwhite

Queen of Leaf & Bean

Always on the go, with a cup of coffee in hand, Irene is the energy behind Café Excellence. As our sales manager and customer staff trainer, she brings not only a wealth of expertise, but creative concepts for all of our retail customers.

One word to best describe you: Enthusiastic

Where you grew up: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

What was in your last cup: Plum Ginger Green Tea


Loves breeding dogs, playing the saxaphone and fishing


Loves surfing, running, making crafts and the beach